Meet the team

  • Rabbi Daniel Rowe

    Rabbi Daniel Rowe

    Rabbi Rowe holds a BA in philosophy from University College London (UCL) and an MPhil in philosophy from Birkbeck Colleg...

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  • Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld

    Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld

    Born in New Jersey, USA. Moved to Israel aged 17, subsequently receiving Rabbinic ordination at the young age of 22, as ...

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  • Rebbetzin Liat Mayerfeld

    Rebbetzin Liat Mayerfeld

    Born in New York, teaching qualification & degrees in Jewish studies & special needs education from Michlala Col...

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  • Rebbetzin Shiffy Silverstone

    Rebbetzin Shiffy Silverstone

    Shiffy Silverstone grew up in Jerusalem, one of eight daughters of Mancunian olim. At just 18, Shiffy married Benji Si...

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  • Rebbetzin Shalvie Friedman

    Rebbetzin Shalvie Friedman

    Shalvie Friedman grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and received her B.Sc in Maths and Finance from the University of...

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  • Rabbi Adam Ross

    Rabbi Adam Ross

    Originally from Reading, Adam gained a Bachelors in Political Science at Birmingham University befor...

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  • Rebbetzin Adina Strom

    Rebbetzin Adina Strom

    Born and raised in London, Adina has just returned from living in Jerusalem for the last five years, with her husband Sh...

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  • Rebbetzin Avigyle Liff

    Rebbetzin Avigyle Liff

    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Avigyle was raised in the Har Nof neighbourhood of Jerusalem. She later studied...

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  • Rabbi AY Liff

    Rabbi AY Liff

    Born & raised in Har Nof, Jerusalem R' AY Liff studied for over 10 years the USA and in the Mir Yeshivah i...

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  • Rabbi Gideon Goldwater

    Rabbi Gideon Goldwater

    Born & raised in Edgware, R' Gideon studied his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Open University and w...

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  • Rebbetzin Tamar Goldwater

    Rebbetzin Tamar Goldwater

    Born and raised in England, Tamar was educated in London and then spent a year in seminary in Jerusalem, before marrying...

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  • Rabbi Mendy Brukirer

    Rabbi Mendy Brukirer

    Mendy is from the New York area, a musmach of the Jerusalem kollel and holds a first rabbinic degree from that august in...

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  • Rebbetzin Gitel Brukirer

    Rebbetzin Gitel Brukirer

    Gitel Brukirer is originally from Lakewood NJ and holds a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on accounting. Th...

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  • Rabbi Ari Kayser

    Rabbi Ari Kayser

    Born and raised in London, Ari Kayser, a product of JFS, completed his BSc in Economics at the University College London...

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  • Rabbi Dani Smolowitz

    Rabbi Dani Smolowitz

    Born in South Africa 1976. Attended Torah Academy High School, moved to Israel and finished initial two years of study a...

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  • Joshua Salter

    Joshua Salter

    Born and raised in North London, Joshua attended Haberdashers’ Aske’s School. He spent a year in Israel stud...

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  • Rabbi Eli Birnbaum

    Rabbi Eli Birnbaum

    Eli grew up in Borehamwood and Edgware, and attended Hasmonean High School. Folllowing his A-levels, Eli moved to Israel...

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  • Rabbi Zvi Gefen

    Rabbi Zvi Gefen

    After graduating Menorah Grammar School in London, Rabbi Gefen spent 6 years in Israel, where he studied ...

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  • Rabbi Shauly Strom

    Rabbi Shauly Strom

    Shauly moved back to his home turf in England this year after living in Israel for five years together with hi...

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  • Benji Harris

    Benji Harris

    Born and raised in Manchester, Benjamin graduated from the King David High School and went onto study for two years in Y...

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  • Lori Coren

    Lori Coren

    Lori was born and raised in London. After attending Hasmonean HIgh School, she spent a year in Israel studying at Midres...

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  • David Nielsen

    David Nielsen

    David grew up in leafy Buckinghamshire before attending the University of Birmingham where he graduated in Psychology. N...

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  • Jake Del Monte

    Jake Del Monte

    Born and raised in Manchester, Jake went to Manchester Grammar School and then to King David High School for Sixth ...

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  • Lee Jacobs

    Lee Jacobs

    Having been involved with Aish UK for over 10 years, and after spending the past two years in corporate recruitment, Lee...

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  • Shmuel Dulberg

    Shmuel Dulberg

    Born in the holy land of Israel, Shmuel moved to England with his family for a couple of years (15 years and counting!)....

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